Singaporeans lambast Malaysian stylist for saying people over 60kg shouldn’t attend fashion shows


Singaporeans have joined their counterparts across the causeway in flaming a Malaysian fashion critic who sparked an uproar last week after she wrote on Facebook, “If you weigh more than 60kg, please don’t attend fashion events. Your huge thighs will take up so much room, making people sitting beside you uncomfortable.”

The critic, celebrity stylist Zaihani Mohamad Zain, earned quick criticism for her comments which drew the ire of netizens and fashion industry professionals alike. Zaihani’s comments were seen to be especially insensitive since Malaysia is said to have the highest rates of obesity in Asia, according to British medical journal The Lancet.

Responding to the callous comments, many netizens including Singaporeans shot back by poking fun at the industry veteran’s age and looks:

One netizen shared a relevant anecdote that took place in an MRT compartment and pointed out that it is one’s heart – not size, looks or age – that counts: