Singaporeans express “extreme disappointment” over having to scan thumbprints at Tuas & Woodlands checkpoints


Singaporeans responding to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) statement that car travellers will now have to scan their thumbprints to clear immigration at Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints have expressed “extreme disappointment” online at the initiative which they believe will worsen traffic jams along the Causeway.

The ICA said in a statement today that the BioScreen system, which captures the thumbprints of those arriving at and departing from Singapore’s checkpoints, will be progressively implemented at car counters at the two land checkpoints – this is to allow travellers to familiarise themselves with the new process.

Beside the fear of longer jams, frustrated netizens also opined that the new initiative may be troublesome for children, the disabled and the elderly and said that the new requirement seems to be aimed at increasing the burden for travellers instead of alleviating the stress of commuting between Singapore and Johor Bahru via cars.

Calling the new initiative retarded, netizens expressed concerns over the hygiene aspect of hundreds of commuters touching the same thumbprint scanners, as well:

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Launched in April last year, the BioScreen system has been rolled out across various land checkpoints for train and bus travellers, as well as for lorries and goods vehicles. The ICA said on the new system:

“Security at our checkpoints is ICA’s top priority. The BioScreen system is an important measure, as it enables ICA’s verification of travellers’ identities to be more robust.”


  1. Do the authorities care about the worsening traffic jam? No! Do they care about fleecing us of our monies as the sinkapoor lambs move in and out of customs? Yes absolutely!

    • How many terrorists or illegal ppl have been detected by EC entering their country to do all the terrorist act?
      Terrorist will come with good passport and most illegal will not want to pass thru our custom point.

    • You mean to say like at the airport after someone has already check the passport and boarding pass, within a minute it has to be check again, scan your hand bag then another minute after scanning your passport and finger print,…..check again. Yet you have to go through another security check again. So you call that detect illegal ppl, you do not trust your system or its real stupidity. You call this smart nation,,,,,yet they do not do these kind of crap in the US…. the west or even in Malaysia.

    • Alan Lee how many u need to go check with the police n so far some was already arrested. Who says illegal don’t pass through our custom point? They used ppl pass port n drive through to Malaysia cos few criminals already pass through Singapore woodlands check point into JB. One of them is Salamat that Malay terrorist n there’s more criminals.

    • You call yourself smart nation, then why so many manual checks, you mean someone who check you 3meters from you is not doing his job. Come on be real, I travel a lot, never seen this kind of crab…

  2. Good. Many SIngaporeans like to whine like bitches..dont go to malaysia! dont go to Malaysia!…but every time I want to go in, thousands and thousands of fuckers in their big expensive cars are lining up to get into JB. Hopefully this move will deter them from going in, reduce the jam and I can finally drive to JB in peace.

  3. So much for being high tech, can they not use portable bluetooth devices for the thumbprints?? The process is already so slow and now drivers and passengers have to step out of the car in that very narrow driveway at the immigration counter. Another brainless idea failing to use technology and taking 3 steps backwards. Needless to say those clowns are not thinking things through. Of course, the ministers can go through the express lanes and just goes to show how out of touch they are. Pure unadulterated stupidity.

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