Singaporeans are protesting Obama’s first trip to Singapore since he left the White House

Former U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his keynote speech to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce at the Palais de Congres in Montreal, Quebec, Canada June 6, 2017. REUTERS/Dario Ayala

Some Singaporeans are protesting former US President Barack Obama’s first trip to Singapore since he left the White House last January.

The 44th US President will be here to speak at a private event on 19 March, organised by the Bank of Singapore. Bank of Singapore CEO Bahren Shaari told reporters today, “For eight years, Mr Obama was the most powerful person in the world. And it is from this unique perspective that he will speak on the future of the global economy as well as Asia’s growing role.”

Soon after news of Obama’s visit broke, the administrators of the Facebook group ‘Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family’ have protested the visit online and are calling on fellow netizens to write in to question the organisers of the event.

Calling Obama a “Marxist Socialist”, the administrators of the page have alleged that Obama may be “coming to Singapore to push his radical homosexual agenda.” Page administrators further alleged:

“Barack Obama, the most radical Far Left Socialist and the most corrupt President ever in the history of America, will be in Singapore on 19 March to speak at a private BANK event held by OCBC, more than 1,000 people would attend!
“Obama totally screwed up America for 8 years pushing his radical and destructive policies to homosexualise not just America and the military, but influencing and threatening many other nations to withdraw aids and funding if they do not have pro-homosexual policies, and had brought America down with his trillions dollars DEBTS!
“On January 20, 2009, when he was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. On January 20, 2017, when he left, it was $19.947 trillion! Obama added $9 trillion to the debt, more than any other president!
“What do the banks want to learn from this corrupt man? You have OCBC accounts? Write to question your bank.”

The page administrators also shared several articles to support their allegations, in the comments section of the post. All these articles are by websites, such as Accuracy in Media (AIM) and the Daily Caller, that have been noted to cater to a conservative reader base.

Netizens commenting on the post have expressed that they would be more willing to welcome current US President Donald Trump to Singapore, instead of Obama.

Is Marxist Socialist OBAMA coming to Singapore to push his radical homosexual agenda in March? Barack Obama, the most…

Posted by Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family on Tuesday, 13 February 2018


  1. To describe Obama as Marxist Socialist shows the total ignorance of the Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family. I am not defending Obama as I think he is totally despicable. The US was down in the gutter following 8 years of George W Bush and the US invasion of Iraq. US needed some mega superficial gesture to regain its Global reputation – the election of a smooth talking black President who come across as a reasonable liberal with a social conscience was very convenient to restore US reputation.

    Obama showed during his Presidency that he is covert hawk in all his foreign policies. He, together with Hilary Clinton, fermented tensions and covert wars all over the world. For all his talk he achieved nothing to advance the Palestinian/Israel peace process and instead engulfed the Middle East in wider conflicts with the US cowardly covert actions in Syria, Libya etc.. His “Pivot Pacific” policy has the biggest US naval fleet in the Pacific since WWII, and under his watch there are hundreds more military bases surrounding China. The gap between the poor and rich in the US has increased. Obama is worst than George W Bush. Bush was open with his aggressive US foreign policies. Obama, being a coward and to maintain his liberal image, engaged in covert actions to expand aggressive US foreign policies globally. Obama is far from a Socialist Marxist. He is a downright reactionary and a faithful and very good servant of the neo-Liberal free marketeers.

    In Singapore there is little or no understanding of the terms socialist or Marxist after almost 60 years of PAP’s dictatorial role under the guise of “democracy”. Hence the ignorant use of these terms by Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family.

  2. Where is the source of the word “some”? The opinion of a few is been brandished as majority. This is like that tuition teacher, who once dropped out of school, then started an overseas website, spouting news that are sensational but lack in depth journalism.

    • Once upon a time both Gaddafi and Assad were puppets & bffs of the US govt – and this was long before Obama came to office.

      I also find your comment ironic since Obama has been accused many times of being a covert Muslim and terrorist – all because he grew up in Indonesia.

  3. I see that the US culture warriors appears to have strong influence on a segment of our population. This appears to be the carbon copy of the rhetoric used by some of the fringe elements of US conservatives.

    If you want to protest, at least show some originality. Seems like they’re just parroting off other people.

    • They were probably given instructions from their US divisions to start this protest. A lot of the Christian fundamentalist groups here are part of an Asian branch of US alt-right Christian fundamentalist groups. Therefore they get a lot of their orders from the US side.

  4. The soaring of debts in my opinion is mainly due to the bailing out of many large companies that safe guard ghe rice bowls of many Americans…In addition to that, the Obamacare took a huge chunk from the budget that take care of the people who are deprived of basic health care needs. ..That is why the Donald Duck want to scrap off the Obamacare when he took the office. ..

    • Okay, let’s talk The Affordable Care Act or what some call
      Obama Care. Obama Care is the biggest reason why democrats were thrown out of Washington in 2016. Small business owners who buy insurance on the open market are now paying 300 to 400% more for a bottom of the barrel health policy then before Obama Care. I pay $750 usd a month with $7500 deductable. To a American family living paycheck to paycheck a major health issue means bankruptcy. If it weren’t the law no one would enroll in Obama Care. The less fortunate in the US were never deprived of health care before Obama but the government was stuck with paying the bill. Now with Obama Care farmers and small business owners are paying the bill. Obama Care has done nothing but increase the cost of health care in the States.

  5. Wonder who is this group? Are they racial ? I don’t deny in the past I subconsciously was racial toward black because in Singapore growing up years I never met or mingle with a single black until my late Adult years. I followed Obama presidential campaign in the past and was in awe of this brilliant man. He broke down my barrier of the generalisation of the black and I have utmost respect for his character compared to the leader who blows trumpet.

  6. Singaporeans look forward USA President Donald Trump to come to Singapore with a big red-carpet welcome.
    Hopefully he would give very good big lectures to our Government and PAP especially to PM Lee Hsien Loong who had failed to match his father former Lee Kuan Yew’s ability and capability to look after Singapore well and intelligent statemanship to deal with the world’s leader.
    LHL inherited Singapore current status from his father and reasons why PAP and the Government are still in power.
    Honestly without the former PM LKY who took cares to look after Singapore, PM Lee Hsien Loong is nothing.

  7. Hmm… this is interesting.

    Odumbo invited to Singapore on a speaking engagement by a banking association. Wonder what wisdom and expertise he has to offer. Will his speaking fee be more than Clinton considering that Clinton has achieved a budget surplus whereas Odumbo has nearly doubled US debt since he took office.

    And he might even be in Gizmo soon with all the scandals swirling around him and members of his Administration.

  8. Trump is a much worse individual than Obama! So why protest against an individual who is morally better than the present bigot Trump. We should welcome Obama as a respected individual who try to do the right thing against all odds. We should protest against any visit by the immoral bigot Trump (if it ever happens since LHY invited him) than against a morally upright Obama

  9. Alex Jones has produced 2 very good documentaries about Obama. See the Obama deception and the fall of the Republic, both on YouTube ! Although Michelle Obama remain with the Presidency for 8 years, there are still no Black women car-mechanics in the US. So much for the equality of genders!

  10. Alex Jones has produced 2 very good documentaries about Obama politics one is the Obama deception and the other is the fall of the Republic bot are on YouTube! Michelle Obama remained also with the 8 years presidency and there are still no Black female car-mechanics in the US. So much for gender equality among the Black race!

  11. A Black African ex-President visiting Chinese Singaporean slaves! There are only dépendent Chinese in Singapore. Singapore is so small no industrial expansions is possible and no agriculture expansion is possible. Actually no expansion of any kind is possible! Singapore is like a prison in which we only bring food to prisoners. There are no natural ressources in Singapore, no water and no electricity. Everything come Islamic Malaysia! Actually Chinese Singaporeans are eating in the hands of the Malaysians! It s a nation of bureaucrats, mandarins, banks and insurances.

  12. What !!!! Who is the writer ? That statement may get you in jail .. war and people kill.. “Singaporean” what Singaporean? Who Singaporean? Who are you Mr or ms writer?? Singaporean ? You talking for yourself? Or all 5 million people in Singapore.. f you we the true Singaporean been keeping quiet and just listen ..true Singaporean welcome people that’s why true Singaporean 2.5 million . Fake Singaporean 3 million ..

  13. ‘Facebook removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks people based on their:

    National origin,
    Religious affiliation,
    Sexual orientation,
    Sex, gender, or gender identity, or
    Serious disabilities or diseases.’

    The contents of this page already violated the rules and regulation of facebook. If everyone do their part and report these extremists, we can see them getting banned soon.