Singaporeans and new citizens need more interactions to reduce friction, MP Zaqy Mohamad

Singaporeans and new citizens can understand each other better if they interacted more with each other said MP for Choa Chu Kang, Mr Zaqy Mohamed. Speaking on the sidelines of a community event Mr Zaqy said that given Singapore’s diverse population, more bonding opportunities are needed, and that awareness programmes can achieve this.


Mr Zaqy said: “I think most times we need to get to a common space. That facilitates a lot of bonding interactions, because many of us also come from different backgrounds, different races, different beliefs. When you understand others better, it also helps us empathise with some of the situations they face.”

Adding that the main concern for new immigrants was the lack of understanding of the local culture the MP said: “There’s always friction from time to time but I think that’s where community leaders, that’s our role to try to manage that, and hopefully bring some understanding and awareness to the parties involved.”