Singaporeans accept 30 percent hike in water price – ask government to soften impact


Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his Budget speech on 20 Feb that water prices will go up a total of 30 percent by July next year. A letter writer to The Straits Times forum page, has said that the rationale behind hike is understandable, but that the government should soften the impact of the rise.

In his letter, the letter writer Ronnie Lim Ah Bee suggested a tiered-system of rewards and incentives. He also urged government agencies to come down hard on businesses which take the opportunity to increase their prices.

With only 9 opposition members of parliament in the House, any opposition to the hike in water price is likely to be muted.

And being the grassroots leader of Cheng San-Seletar CCC in Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Lim may be reflecting the views of Singaporeans – that they understand and accept why the price of water must go up.