Singaporean with no family ties or support here deported from UK


Irene Clennell, A Singaporean who has been married to a Briton for 27 years was deported from the United Kingdom without warning. Periods spent in Singapore to care for her aging parents invalidated her residential status. Her mom had cancer and died in 1999 and her dad died in 2008 after a long illness.

Irene, now 52, is the primary carer for her husband who has recently undergone a vascular bypass and hernia treatment. Her husband, John Clennell, has worked all his life and never relied on income support, until now, because of illness.

“My family is in the UK. Everything I own is here,” she said.

She added: “Just because I wasn’t born in this country that doesn’t mean you can chase me out, thinking I have no one here.”

Irene has made repeated attempts (both in Singapore and in the UK) to re-apply for permission to live with her husband.

Clennell, has a petition here, for those who want to support her: