Singaporean who booked Grab Hitch ride surprised to find driver is on his way from Batam, Indonesia

A netizen was surprised to find that a Grab Hitch he had booked was on his way – all the way from another country.

Facebook user Premnathan G Radakrishna shared on social media yesterday that he had booked a Grab Hitch ride, only for the ride-hailing application to show him that his driver was on the way from Batam, Indonesia. Premanthan wrote online, “My hitch is coming from Batam. Nice”

Batam is located across the Singapore Strait and is only accessible via ferry. If the driver was really coming from Indonesia, which is in another time zone, he will have to cross a country border to make it here.

According to Google Maps, the total distance between Batam and Singapore is 149 kilometres – a journey which would take about six and a half hours to make.

It will be quite curious if Premnathan really did get matched with a driver from Batam, given that Grab uses app users’ satellite navigation signals to match users to drivers near them. If no drivers are nearby and free to take the ride, the app will usually inform customers that no rides are available at that time.

My hitch is coming from Batam. Nice ????

Posted by Premnathan G Radakrishna on Friday, 29 June 2018