Singaporean man arrested for molesting 3 Indonesian boys in an art gallery in Indonesia


A 46-year-old Singaporean man has been arrested in Batam, Indonesia and accused of molesting three boys aged 12, 15 and 16, in an art gallery in the Nongsa area of the city where he resides and teaches.

The offences reportedly occurred between 16 and 24 September, according to the Jakarta Post. The man was only arrested after the parents of the alleged victims lodged a complaint against the entreprenuer, who is also said to have offered the victims money.

It is believed that the man – who reportedly told investigators that he also works as a freelancer and a driver in Batam – used the gallery to lure the alleged victims.

Besides the charges against him, the Batam police has also said that the man has overstayed his visa, since he had been on the island for over three years now.

The Singaporean will face a maximum jail term of 15 years and a fine up to S$500,000, or 5 billion rupiah, if convicted.