Singaporean engages in profanity-laden xenophobic rant against bus commuter


A video of a heated exchange between two bus commuters has been circulating online. While it is unclear what had transpired prior to the video being captured and exactly when the events in the video occurred, the argument between the commuters is clearly audible.

In the video, a man who appears to be a local launches into a profanity-laden xenophobic rant against a female bus commuter. As the argument becomes more intense, the bus captain attempts to intervene and separate the commuters while another commuter comments that the man is intoxicated:


  1. why malay middle age men like to pick on women ? I remember there were past cases like the one in woodlands another one at MRT where he said he work for mediacorp

  2. What an awful asinine Singaporean… lots of them around these days! Inconsiderate , uncouth, rude, self centred, kiasu, ungracious, totally low life forms.. the product of 50 years of ‘nation building’! This country is going to the dogs!

  3. This is a very old video and in all previous postings about it, and even in the recent resurrections of this video on other platforms, it has been made clear that the woman had been abusive towards the bus driver who is from the PRC and that the local Malay man who had witnessed the abuse was standing up for the bus driver. Don’t know what the agenda of The Independent Singapore is in trying to make this local man look bad by labelling him xenophobic and insinuating that he was intoxicated.

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