Singaporean dies after being trapped in a cable drum atop a crane at Keppel Terminal


A 33-year-old Singaporean worker died at PSA’s Keppel terminal on yesterday morning after being trapped in a cable drum on top of a crane.

The man was discovered in the round, cylindrical container used to transport wound-up wires and cables by officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who were alerted to the rescue incident around 10.20am. He was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

It is unclear how the man ended up in the drum and more information is yet to be released as police investigations are ongoing.

A PSA spokesman told reporters: “PSA is rendering assistance to the family of the deceased and cooperating with the authorities in their investigations.”


  1. RIP; wonder if he iwas doing maintenance work without applying the lock out rule ? & that is removing the fuse from the fused switch box and placing a lock out on the switch box to prevent accidental activation of the crane ……..probably a safety lapse case !

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