Singapore News Singaporean couple robbed at Johor Bahru after leaving car for 5 minutes

Singaporean couple robbed at Johor Bahru after leaving car for 5 minutes




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“It was meant to be a good year to celebrate”, wrote Hus Razy in his Facebook profile on January 25, Friday. But it turned out that their celebration got cut short because their car was completely ransacked after leaving it for only 5 minutes at Johor Bahru.

The Singaporean couple was driving to Johor Bahru to run some errands the day before and had to make a stop to change their SGD to MYR. They parked their car near Taman Pelangi and when they returned merely 5 minutes later, they realized that they had been robbed.

The left rear window was smashed and from there, their passports, wallets, bags and other personal belongings were stolen. See the post below:

Posted by Hus Razy on Thursday, 24 January 2019

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They gave the warning to anyone driving to JB frequently to be extra cautious especially because it is a tedious task to get the proper documents in order to return to Singapore.

Netizens shared their experiences and agreed that it is indeed not safe to leave any belongings unattended in that area.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Lim Gabriel reiterated the rule of never leaving anything behind in the car when heading to JB. Even his friend’s baby sister got her bag full of crayons stolen.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Fortunately, for cases like this, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a consular office at City Square, JB (35th floor). They specialise in attending to Singaporeans who experienced problems at Johor.

Singapore Consulate-General in Johor Bahru

Telephone: +607 226 5012

Fax: +607 226 5013


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