Singapore News Singaporean businessman killed in a cycling accident in Thailand

Singaporean businessman killed in a cycling accident in Thailand




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Denison Seah, a competitive cyclist and retired businessman, was hit by a truck while on a bike ride last Sunday, July 1, 2018. Mr. Seah died en route to the hospital after the accident.

Mr. Seah, age 57, who was biking with his girlfriend from Thailand when the accident occurred, had been living in Chiang Mai, for the past three years, after his wife died in 2014. He was hit by a five-ton truck during a casual Sunday ride in the Hang Dong district.

The retired businessman had competed in many regional races for more than two decades. He specialized in road cycling and was a member of the riding communities in Singapore and Thailand.

Christine Seah, age, 27, his daughter, received a phone call from one of her father’s friends on Sunday morning at 11:30, but was only told that her father had been involved in a bad accident. Her father’s friend told her to come to Chiang Mai immediately. 

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After five minutes the friend called again to say that Mr. Seah had passed away.

Ms. Seah, together with her father’s brother, has gone to Thailand to bring back her father’s remains. His funeral will be held in Singapore.

She expressed regrets that she had not always been on good terms with her father, and that she had not seen him in the past two years. She said, “I made the mistake of not talking to him more, not telling him that despite all our fighting and dramatics, that I loved him very much and was thankful that he had raised me to be the person of extreme resilience that I am today. Rest in peace, dad. I am sorry I was not there.”

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