Singapore university offers free modules as incentives for part-time students who get married or have children


The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is offering free modules as an incentive for part-time adult students if they get married or have children during their study. The university announced yesterday that this Marriage and Baby Bonus Scheme was initiated in support of “Singapore’s continued focus in encouraging marriage and parenthood”.

The scheme is available to all Singaporean or Singaporean Permanent Resident adult students who are undertaking part-time studies at SUSS at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Law students also qualify for the scheme.

SUSS or company sponsored students are not eligible to benefit from the scheme.

Eligible students who register their marriage, or their child’s birth or adoption on or after 23 July can redeem two free bonus modules of five credits per module or one module of 10 credits.

While hundreds of netizens responding to SUSS’ announcement welcomed the scheme, some were more skeptical and asserted that the school should “stay out” of the personal lives of its students. Others felt that the incentives are insufficient to justify the costs of raising children: