Singapore swimming legend: Let athletes make the choice of when to retire, not sports administrators


Singapore swimming legend Ang Peng Siong  asserted that athletes should be allowed to decide when to retire and the decision should not be left to sports administrators in a Facebook comment, yesterday.

The 55-year-old who once was the world’s number 1 in the 50m freestyle, was responding to the Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) proposal that each S.League club should only have two to four players above the age of 30 out ofthe thirty players in each team.

Ang’s comment was in response to this Facebook post by the Vice-President (Partnerships) of the Singapore Swimming Association, Jose Raymond, who called FAS’ proposal “discriminatory” and “deplorable.”

The Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) proposal to force S.League clubs to dispense of the services of some older…

Posted by Jose Raymond 乔立盟 on Thursday, 14 December 2017

Ang shared his own experiences as he became a senior athlete and indicated that sports administrators should stick to their role of supporting the sport:

“Wanting to complete 1994 Asian Games Hiroshima as my swan song at the age of 32. Now, we see swimmers competing at a world class level in their 40s.

“Yes, there will come a point for retirement but when is the appropriate age?

“Sports administrators should not be the people to make such policies. What do they know if they have not done it? Have the players and coaches fraternity make that call. They are the people on the ground.

“I could have retired at 40 or 45! After which, I would still take coaching as a career path!

“Let the athletes make that choice. Sports administrators role is to build that eco-system to support and promote the sport. Not hinder it!”

He further added in another comment:

“If someone who played the sport, someone who went on to become successful in the sports industry after retiring from football and believes the local football has the potential to become a billion dollar industry; wouldn’t the football leadership look into it and explore the possibilities? Why are they hesitating?”


  1. With all the mini LKY in the top policy makers that the PAP put in place…they decide everything including when they screw you and how they screw you, nevermind what you think….song boh 70%

  2. These are little Napoleons who knows next to nuts about sports. Look at China. All their stars retired at about 30 years old. Gives them an opportunity to travel and work as player / Coach in foreign country. Gives them the opportunity to make something out of their lives other than the strenuous daily training after giving the best part of their lives for the country. Selfish people sitting in the position to show their authority.

  3. Following the asinine thinking of government…retiring good experienced capable people in army, navy, police. judicial, civil administrators.. leaving us with crap inexperienced wannabees

  4. Be it sports administrators of white ministers, they have theories and theories. They don’t know the ground, especially the white up-there-in-their-ivory-towers; full of expletives, technical words, words and more words. Tons of words to justify every decision and actions. Who are they accountable to? But everybody must account to them.

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