Singapore Sports Council unable to account for 1,396 sponsored electronic devices worth $224,700


The Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) has flagged the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) for not being able to produce adequate evidence to account for 1,396 electronic devices valued at $224,700 that were sponsored for the preparation of two major sporting events in 2015.

The SSC explained that the lack of records was due mainly to the fast-paced nature of events (that is, carnivals and stage games) in which the devices were given out, staff turnover, staff oversight, and staff hired by its vendors for the events not being aware of the need to maintain and keep proper records.

It added that it is tracing the missing devices and that it would take disciplinary action against those found responsible for any lapses.

The AGO also found that 299 out of 417 payments made by the SSC to vendors totalling SS$661,900 were only made 1 to 3.6 years after the invoice date without valid reasons. This could expose the SSC to penalties for unfair business practice.

The Council responded that it would review its payment processes and has instituted weekly payment meetings to prevent recurrences of grossly late payments.

The Auditor-General’s 2016/2017 report has exposed lapses in several ministries, such as the Ministry of Health which was flagged for spending millions of dollars without appropriate approval and without verifying the need for certain expenditures.


  1. Not only sport council unable to accounts, most govt bodies and ministers also unable to account for their actions. It’s normal for singapore govt now. Unaccountability is the new singapore now. Thank u 70%, u help bring singapore back to 3rd world. Lol

  2. corruption at it best. That’s why our sportmen cannot go anywhere. Rich Cuntry but no support while the monies goes to all the corrupted (fuck)head.

  3. No wonder this shitty Singapore Sports Council have no money to groom our world class weight-lifters nor Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling…they simply misused money without any justifications!

  4. Case of highly educated, highly qualified, highly paid, highly arrogant, and of course highly incompetent! Our wonderful first world elites!!

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