Singapore saw 9 per cent more job openings in 2014 than in 2013

There were 67,400 job vacancies in Singapore as of September 2014, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in a report released on Tuesday 27 January.

This was almost a nine per cent increase from 2013, when there were 61,630 openings.

Four in five of all vacancies were in the services industry for September 2014.

The expansion of childcare and preschools, healthcare and tertiary institutes contributed to the majority of the vacancies coming from community, social and personal services, the ministry said.

The opening of new shopping malls also created jobs in wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and food services, and administrative and support services.

In terms of profession, a quarter of all vacancies were for service and sales workers, with shop sales assistants, security guards and waiters being the most unoccupied positions.

Associate professionals and technicians followed behind, contributing nearly 20 per cent of all vacancies.

A little more than 40 per cent of the vacancies remain unfilled for at least six months, while 67 per cent of the vacancies were deemed hard to take up by Singapore residents.

Employers cited unattractive pay as the chief reason why Singaporeans were unwilling to take up job offers. Other factors included long working weeks, high physical demands and compulsory shift work.

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