Singapore PR assaults Malaysian chauffeur after cutting into his lane and hitting his car at Tuas Checkpoint


A Malaysian driver – believed to be a Singapore Permanent Resident – allegedly assaulted a chauffeur who was ferrying a Malaysian family from Singapore back into Malaysia, at the Malaysian Customs side of Tuas Checkpoint.

One of the passengers in the chauffeured car, Vivian Ngee, shared photos of the incident on Facebook but removed them shortly after. It appears that the incident occurred over the weekend.

In her Facebook posts, she alleged that a Nissan driver, with licence plate number ER929S, hit her chauffeur’s car after cutting into their lane from the motorcycle lane:

“He got down his car and caught our driver and made him exit the car to fight. He even called himself a Malaysian, so disgraceful.
“Our chauffeur only alighted the car to tell him that he was driving a company vehicle, but the Nissan driver simply hit him.”

The Chinese daily reported that the assailant is presently working in Singapore and apparently a PR-holder here.

It also reported that the chauffeur’s boss made a police report, following which the assailant surrendered himself at a police station. The assailant reportedly offered to pay restitution for the chauffeur’s medical bills and also offered a public apology.

The chauffeur’s boss told the publication:

“Our driver initially didn’t want to take any action. We saw that the other party is still young and didn’t want to pursue the matter further, so we agreed to settle it privately.”


  1. Our system Rights of way. Power of Rights. Execution of Rights.

    This is what indirectly we been trained behind our mind.

    So ..we can expect more of these PR or FT … been contagious with such system.

    Be safe. … if you are standing on others ground.

    Only… trained in Sg.

  2. At least he is courageous to claim he is Malaysian otherwise Malaysians would problely scond at Singaporeans simplely by the registration of the car he drove like many undoings created by Singapore on Malaysia roads.

  3. Yes to Beniot. More foreigners, PRs, WPs, SPs, etc. mean inviting more problems, and safety issue for our populations. So, all the bad habits also bring to SG.

  4. WOULD THE POLICE be making another imminent arrest?? in view of the gravity of the offence.They should be able to do so swiftly like the recent case happening in Golden Mile complex.. with their operational ready resources.

  5. Singapore Police is another farking idiot with double standard. Isnt this voluntarily causing hurt an offence? Why the farking double standard? Is it because Malaysian chinese PR is a big farker in Singapore?

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