Singapore Government expected to earn over $3million with sale of medallions commemorating Trump-Kim summit


The Singapore Government expects to earn millions of dollars with the sale of special medallions it has launched to commemorate the Trump-Kim summit that will take place here next week.

In the first of what could be many more of such novelty items, the Singapore Mint launched gold, silver and nickel medallions to commemorate the “momentous step to world peace” marked by the historic summit.

The Singapore Mint will produce a limited supply of each medallion. It has plans to produce 1000 gold medallions that cost a hefty $1380 each.

15,000 silver medallions will be produced, priced at $118 each. The Mint initially only had plans to produce 10,000 silver medallions but hiked the supply due to increasing demand.

The most economic option, the nickel medallions, will be sold for $36 each. The supply of these medallions may increase to meet demand.

The sale of the gold and silver medallions alone is expected to nett $3.15 million for the Government.