Singapore Flag at Changi Airport installed incorrectly?


Netizens have been circulating the photo above, suggesting that the installation at Changi Airport features a flag that’s flying backwards instead of forwards.

Many have commented that this is a fail on the part of the airport and the photo has been carried on several Facebook pages and a few local news websites.

However, the fact is that the flag is deliberately blowing backwards in this installation, which is a replica of the NS Landmark located at the Singapore Armed Forces’ Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC).

The original installation has two sides, one showing the flag flying correctly and the reverse side showing a Singapore soldier.


  1. So you can place it upside down also , because you just mean it’s depend the angle I’m looking at only mah ..
    Anyway, I like the way you think loh…

  2. It’s not placed the wrong way… it’s flying against the wind. This originated from when a country goes to war in the past, they will bring their nation’s flag with them to the battlefield. The flag is backwards because the flag is fluttering against the wind following the soldier.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay It’s not called White Washing, it’s called knowing other people’s and country’s ideologies, also known as being informative about the world. I’m not giving an excuse for the artist. Just saying, it’s not wrong.

    • Actually the OP got it right. Google US soldiers flag. The flags on soldier are suppose to be the ‘head’ always facing the front. So as to symbolize always going forward

    • Kirin Ong You see ah, when u hang the State Flag on Nat Day month, do you hang so it faces you inside your home or common corridor balcony OR do you hang so it faces the right way to outside eyes when they view from downstairs or facing your house? Take a few minutes to digest the question and bingo…you should have your answer 🙂 Simple! Like the Paywave advertisement 🙂

    • Kirin Ong stay on topic. What we are talking about is the flag in relation with soldiers and why it appears ‘backwards’ on their uniform. It has nothing to do with how you hang your flag on national day.

    • Chang
      What has this to do with other countries n ideologies? If you going to use very good choice of words to justify , that shows who you are. I dont see the same way nor bothered how US fly its flag. To me , state flag must always the right way.

    • Kirin Ong No, you cannot hang your flag this way during National Day.

      When we fly the flag during the National Day observance period, the correct way to fly a flag (against the wall) as per universally-agreed flag protocols is with the canton (in our flag’s case, the moon and stars) at the top left.

      The image of a “soldier and a reverse flag” is a very classic image symbolising the idea of “charging forward” (against the wind) – moving onward always. Technically then, the flag is still held in the correct orientation, with the canton in the top left hand corner, as per flag protocols. Remember that it is a symbolic image, we should not be asking questions like “how do we know what the wind direction is”.

  3. I think trying to copy the way a flag looks from the picture of the second flag raising on Iwo Jima by the marines .. but that was when raising a flag … hmmm

  4. Is a poleless flag, what wind direction you are talking about. Wrong admit is wrong lah. Is like a corpse should place face up surely not the other way. Difference between living and dead

  5. To be frank. If this is correct. Then those in the past is all wrong. So 1 must be wrong. Better admit this wrong than previous all wrong. Dont let people laugh

  6. If those who say this is nothing wrong , can I hang my flag outside my window on Augest for National Day ??? Stupid CB what talking you ???

    • Yeah of Cuz u can hang your flag outside your window on August for National Day. There is no wrong.

      Therefore also there’s no wrong with the flag positioning.

  7. Do have some knowledge before commenting about this. It symbolise a flying flag moving against the wind. It just like all state vessels the flag are painted this way.

    • heheheheee…to the anti-PAP, nothing except their view is Right…ooops…I thought they keep talking about freedom of speech. Maybe it is actually all views are acceptable as long as it is their view!

  8. If u look at the flag from outside of the window the flag is facing, the flag is correct but from inside of the room it is wrong

    It depends on where u looking at the flag from

  9. Wah… many learned ppl commenting here. Apparently a ‘statue’ similar to the one at airport, can be found at Pulau Tekong. Are the people at MINDEF stupid?

    How about our national carrier, SIA? The flag painted on the body of the planes also flies backward. In fact the flags on all national carrier fly backwards. So, all airlines stupid??

    There is a reason why it is placed or painted in the reverse direction. Pls take some time to Google and read up on it!

  10. when mounting a flag, the crescent n stars must always be positioned in such a way that when it is against the wind, they are in the front of the flag.

  11. Is it an omen, showing what will Singapore be in the near future?
    If not, there should be other creative and good designs and ideas, but why is this been chosen, which may somehow been interpret wrongly and been mislead!?

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