“Singapore and Singaporeans are worth it” – Pritam Singh on why he perseveres in the face of harsh adversity


In a candid admission on his Facebook page yesterday evening, Workers’ Party (WP) secretary-general Pritam Singh said that the reason why he and his colleagues persevere in the face of the most formidable hurdles are because “Singapore and Singaporeans are worth it.”

Sharing the appeal for financial support he and his fellow WP parliamentarians, former party sec-gen Low Thia Khiang and party chairman Sylvia Lim, have published seeking the help of the public to fight the multi-million dollar lawsuits the MPs are embroiled in, Singh wrote:

“My family and friends have been asking me why I do what I do and why my colleagues and I have continued to press on in spite of the allegations that seek to bury us.
“The answer is simple.
“Singapore and Singaporeans are worth it.”

Low, Lim and Singh, along with two other town councillors, are battling intense lawsuits over $33.7 million in alleged improper payments. The suits, brought by their Aljunied-Hougang Town Council – as directed by an independent panel – and Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, claim that the defendants have breached their fiduciary duties.

The plaintiffs are asking the town councillors to repay the improper payments if they are found guilty during the trial that began on 5 Oct and expected to end on 2 Nov.

If the parliamentarians are found responsible for the improper payments and cannot repay the hefty sum, they risk being made bankrupt and stripped of their parliamentary seats.

So far, the public has raised SGD $477,653, thanks to the kind contributions of the public, who have generously given to help the MPs with mounting legal costs that they have paid out of their own pockets thus far.

Hundreds of Singaporeans also pledged to give their SG Bonus, that they are expecting from the Government by the end of this year, to the WP MPs even though they have use for the sum.

Hundreds of Singaporeans pledge to donate their SG Bonus to WP MPs to help with AHTC trial costs