Shrapnel from exploding phone kills Malaysia CEO

Picture Credit: Screen grab of video on the fire at the Craddle CEO house

Shrapnels from an exploding phone is the cause of death of Cradle Fund Snd Bhd CEO Nazrin Hassan, according to a statement released by the company on Friday (Jun 15).

The phone was charging next to him before exploding said reports.

In a media release on Friday, the company confirmed that the post-mortem report concluded the cause of death on Thursday as complications from blast injuries.

The injuries were attributed to the exploding handphone that was being charged in his bedroom. As a result of the explosion, the bed caught fire.

He might also have suffered from smoke inhalation while unconscious. The incident took place on June 14, a day before the Hari Raya celebrations in Malaysia.

“The post-mortem report concluded the cause of death as being a complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding handphone that was being charged next to him,” the company’s management said in the statement.

Craddle is a subsidiary of the Malaysian Finance Ministry.

He was 45, and leaves behind a wife and four children, as well as one son from a previous marriage.

According to a family friend, Nazrin had complained of a migraine this afternoon and went to bed after taking some medication.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din told The Star on Thursday that around 30% of the victim’s body had been burnt.

In its statement Friday, Cradle said that for over 15 years, Nazrin had dedicated his efforts to promoting early-stage funding for technology startups.