Shanmugam to make ministerial statement on City Harvest Church ruling in Parliament next month


Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam announced today that he will be making a ministerial statement about the Government’s position on the City Harvest Church ruling, at the next Parliamentary session which will take place on 5 Feb.

The Court of Appeal dismissed a bid by prosecutors to reinstate the original sentences City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and his group of church leaders, which would have required the group to serve longer jail terms, this morning.

Kong Hee and group were originally sentenced to longer jail terms after they were found guilty of misappropriating about S$50 million of church funds, in October 2015. A three-judge panel at the High Court halved the group’s jail terms after it heard a five-day appeal in court last year.

A panel of five judges at the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s judgment in a packed courtroom this morning. In reading the decision, Judge of Appeal Andrew Phang said that Parliament should shape a remedy if there is any gap in the law. He added: “A hard case should not be allowed to make bad law.”

The Law Minister said that the issue was “a serious matter” on Facebook this afternoon. He also linked the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ statement on the matter, in which the AGC announced that it will work with the relevant ministries on “the appropriate revisions to the Penal Code”.

[ City Harvest Church ]The Court of Appeal has ruled on the City Harvest Church matter. Attorney-General's Chambers…

Posted by K Shanmugam Sc on Wednesday, 31 January 2018


    • He is good at “flipping”…If they don’t get JUDGEMENT in their favour than they are always ready to revise the Penal Code to their liking? Than why NO amendment for the Keppel Corruption case? Shouldn’t they amend the Prevention of Corruption Act too to bring all those guilty to task? Until now now news on this.Might as well they decide the SENTENCES and pass to the judges to read to the defendants

  1. Oh so in this situation no one is of the opinion the lawmakers should not change anything because it’s authoritarian and changing the law to fix anyone!?

    talk about flip flopping

  2. This pariah can’t mind his own business. So he’s saying that all the judges are not fit to be judges. Who the hell he thinks he is. This bugger is a real nasty snake

  3. What the different of panel code 406 and 409 ? All the time using 409 why appear become 406 , so confusing see court apply which code day one to end use 409 no lawyer again 409 , until court jail them more than 7 years they appear by using 406 ????

  4. Stop behaving and act like the mannerism of Obama, the worst president of US, who only talked but never delivered anything. Do what the people have elected you politicians for and paid your salaries from our tax money.

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