Shadow Boyfriends, Protecting Single Women Living Alone, Without Any of the Baggage

Keiichi Nakamura of Leopalace 21 Corp

Obbana Rajah

Single women in Japan no longer have to fear living alone because of a new development called ‘Man on the Curtain’ system.

Using a projector controlled by a smart phone, ‘Man on the Curtain’ projects a silhouette of a man onto the curtains. This is so that for someone trying to look inside the house, they get the illusion that there is a man inside, and not just a female living alone.

These projections come with realistic movements to mimic a guy doing activities such as shadowboxing, working out with dumbbells or swinging a baseball bat around.

According to Japan Today, it was developed by apartment management company Leo Palace 21.

The downside of these projections is that for now, there are only 12 different activities to choose from. For someone watching the house, it then becomes obvious that this is a projection. Also, the system does not come with sounds. So while the projection could be of a man vacuuming, it does not simultaneously play the sound of a vacuum.

The invention is quite well thought out, with the loop of motion each projection 30 minutes long and offering a variety of motion.

(watch from 1:15)