Sex party scam alert


A Facebook user shared that he was invited to a sex party by a 24 year old woman. The only catch is, he would have to verify that he was who he was in a dating website.

The private message to him by a Mical P who indicated that she was 24 years old and lived in Tampines said: “the party will be held at the organizer’s apartment nearby the Hilton Hotel<…> we drink, dance and have sex at the party.”
1The person invited to the private sex party only had to get himself verified at a dating website to say he was who he is.

But be very careful about such ‘get verified’ websites. No real girl would ever ask you to go to a site to verify yourself before meeting. These scams have been around for a very long time. Any real girl who wants to meet you would probably meet you at a Starbucks and ask to see your identity card.

The website looks eerily similar to sites registered to the same privacy protection service in Panama as other reported scam sites

So make sure that you don’t get conned by such invites. Do not enter any personal or credit card details to get yourself verified. Don’t be a victim of such phishing sites.