Sex parties very much alive in Malaysia, veteran gives inside-peek

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Kuala Lumpur – What was commonly perceived to be normal in Thailand, sex parties are also rampant in Malaysia, as revealed by a sex party veteran.

According to a man who wishes to be called Ahmad, Malaysia has a few sex secrets that are happening within the community and under the radar of authorities such as sex parties. Through the use of social media like WeChat, Whatsapp and Twitter, acquiring sex have been made easy. The advancements in technology have trumped the old ways of trying to hook up in a bar or club.

Ahmad, who is gay, had his first sex party when he was 25 years old. Seven years later and he now has a vast connection of friends-with-benefits, “fuck-buddies” or casual sex partners. This is the modern version of the “Little Black Book.”

During the interview with FMT, Ahmad is well-aware of the frequent police raids on sex parties where drugs were found. Just like the recent ones that happened on July 3 and 6 last year, wherein teenagers rented out condominiums and hosted sex parties because they were not permitted entry to clubs and bars. Those who wanted to join was charged between RM100 to RM200 (S$33 to S$66) each. The youngest party-goer during the raids was a 14-year-old Indonesian girl. All 68 of the detained youths tested positive for drugs.

As for Ahmad, he says that it takes careful planning and organization in order to not get caught by the police. And because of the country’s strict anti-drug laws, one does not have to partake in drugs in order to enjoy in the party, in fact, not all of the parties he hosted or attended even had drugs. As per Ahmad, finding a sex party is not hard “if you know how”.

A sex party can consist of a threesome to the top end orgy with 30 participants. The former is usually held in an individual’s apartment or house while the latter can occur in a luxury hotel suite. There are parties that cater to the same or opposite genders.

The parties that Ahmad attends usually last from 10 pm to 3 am with a door charge of RM50 (S$16.5).

Privacy and safety concerns

The main concern for an activity such as this would be privacy, which is why during the party, phones are placed in lockers. There are times when it cannot be controlled and some photos or videos are still leaked on the Internet although Ahmad considers himself fortunate because none of his stuff has gone viral or used negatively against him. He knows the reason for his safety is due to his physical appearance. “I’m not hot. Your tapes only go viral if you’re sexy,” he said.

In addition to this, Ahmad ensures that he only attends parties with strangers. Hooded masks and dimmed lights are utilized to promote privacy and of course, ambiance for the latter.

When it comes to safety, Ahmad is responsible and fully aware of the risks his activities can lead to which is why he regularly gets screened for HIV.

This piece first appeared on Free Malaysia Today news.