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Sergio Lopez to Quah Zheng Wen, “Singapore is extremely proud of what you have done”




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Minister Tan Chuan-Jin shared a Facebook note of the other national swimmer who made Singaporeans proud at the Rio Olympic Games – Quah Zheng Wen.

source: Minister Tan Chuan-Jin’s FB

In the note Quah apologised for not being able to interact properly with most people during the Competition as the schedule was really hectic and exhilarating.

The swimmer also paid tribute to his coach Sergio Lopez, and described being in his team as the “best thing I could’ve done”.

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Coach Lopez responded to the swimmer’s note in his Facebook and said that he is very proud of him.

“Zhengwen Quah keep your head up and keep working the way you know how to work. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Not even yourself. You just need to keep working hard everyday and give your 100% honest effort in everything you do (the way you do in swimming) and then enjoy “The moment in Time”. That moment it is yours and no one else. I could not be prouder of you. In this past 18 months I feel I have gain a brother for life. At the end of the day the relationships we create in life are more valuable than medals and records. Singapore is extremely proud of what you have done and the way you understand that to represent Singapore is not a right it is a privilege. I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for challenging my thought process every day and for being a good friend. Enjoy your little break and ‪Majulah Singapura‬!” – Coach Sergio Lopez

Sergio will be stepping down as Singapore’s national coach on 30 Aug. In an interview with TODAY newspaper he said: ““The problem with Singaporeans in general is that they don’t believe in themselves, as coaches, as individuals, that they can be the best, or lead people to be the best. There is no secret potion, or secret recipe (to success).”

He further told the paper, “(What I hope to see improved) is for Singaporeans to believe in Singaporeans.”

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