Sentosa: Lamborghini involved in accident, three taken to hospital

Photo: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

Yesterday evening, three people were taken to hospital after an accident on Sentosa Island, involving three cars.

Photo: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

Two drivers and a passenger were between the ages of 21 and 38.

According to other sources, the driver of the Lamborghini is a 22-year old male, with his passenger being a 21-year old male.

A police spokesman said that the three men “were conscious when conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital”.

The accident occurred along Allanbrooke Road towards Cove Avenue at about 4.55pm, and the police were subsequently alerted.

Photos circulating Facebook showed that the Lamborghini was completely overturned, with a black Toyota Estima and green Mini Cooper having rather bad dents.

Photo: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

According to the post on ‘’, a popular Facebook forum for road-related incidents, the accident happened in an ares of ‘50 kph maximum speed limit. The speed limit on the island is 40kmh, but on some two-lane stretches – such as those leading to and from Sentosa Cove – it is 50 kmh”.

Netizens were highly unsympathetic and instinctively blamed the driver of the Lamborghini because of his car known for its speed, with the ability to reach 100kmh in under three seconds.


A friend of the passenger in the Mini Cooper spoke out: