Sembawang man gives out hell money during Chinese New Year


A man was spotted giving out “hell money” on the sixth day of Chinese New Year, this past Wednesday (21 Feb). The incident took place around 10pm at Penaga Place.

The man was seen tossing hell money (non-legal bank notes printed from joss paper that are offered as burnt offerings to the deceased) in the air, causing discomfort to some pedestrians. An eyewitness reported that he was confused and disturbed by the man’s actions.

According to the Chinese daily, the man appeared to be in his 60s and has been a Sembawang resident for the past five years. The man was reportedly shouting curse words at pedestrians a few days before he gave the hell money out.


  1. This man throwing spiritual notes and cursing at others is the consequences cause by PAP ! Dr Goh Keng Swee started the reserve funds for his generation but this generation is been neglected!
    Water tax is 37%, in future is 40% if we continue to vote for PAP, then the poor turn neurotic and the rich will not cast an eye to have compassion for the poor !
    The increase in GST is giving stress to the poor as all the food price increases and the aging population will suffer instead of our promised “Swiss standard of living”, we witness lots of suffering happening to our very own country fellowmen!!!