Selfie with dictator Kim Jong-un: Good idea?

Photo: YouTube Screengrab

Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan took to Facebook last night to share a selfie taken of himself, Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un and Singapore’s Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence Ong Ye Kung.

He captioned his picture saying “#Jalanjalan #guesswhere?”.

However, many netizens felt that it was a completely different side of Kim Jong-un that was being shown.

Founder of The Online Citizen (TOC) Andrew Loh also shared the selfie and his sentiments, “I don’t begrudge the $20m but when I see selfies like these, I shudder a little. Why? Because this fella is a murderer and a dictator who comes from a line of brutal dictators and murderers. And also, I compare how you treat your own critics so harshly, destroying their lives, their reputation, hauling up a person who even holds a one-man peaceful protest.”

He continued, “Yes host the summit. It is an important thing. But please don’t go and prostitute our country in such manner. Spending $20m is enough. You don’t have to also grovel at their feet. Have some dignity. Pretend, if you do not have any. So what’s the selfie suppose to tell us? We are chums with someone who would in normal civilised circumstances be behind bars, if not hanged under Singapore law? Get a grip.”

The original photograph was also edited by artist Sonny Liew, where the image of Kim Jong-un was edited and changed to a picture of Pol Pot, the former Prime Minister of Cambodia.

He also captioned his post saying, “Hot Tub Time Machine. Or possibly Hot Pot with Pol Pot.
#Jalanjalan #guesswhere #guesshowmanypurged”.

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  1. Politicians do what’s expedient for themselves, for the moment… he may look porky and dumpy, not the photogenic type, and may well be a ruthless dictator and killer but a Pol Pot monster he is not, otherwise the world would not be courting him the way they do just now. A selfie with a ‘guest’, tantamount to an act of ‘prostitution’? … I don’t think so, but allow me to share with you below what I think of the summit.

    A Consequent Report Card For The Trump-Kim Summit Related Players: Winners and Losers Spotlighted

    The day after the July 12, 2018 Trump-Kim Singapore summit: here’s a snapshot of the performance scorecard for six interested group of players of this summit…

    1. The Americans rack up a big Ai (I), namely, an INCOMPLETE grade with oodles of KIVs to be followed through.

    2. The North Koreans ace it with flying colors nailing a solid A+ for having their cake and eating it too…earning overnight their international cachet, meanwhile, keeping intact their nuclear weaponry.

    3. The Chinese also get a sterling A+ for diligently and successfully prepping their mentee/buffer-state neighbor for this Singapore summit.

    4. The South Koreans score a B+ for their assiduous rapprochement breakthrough endeavors preceding the summit; but they will now have to learn live with a permanently nuclear-armed neighbor henceforth, albeit a less bellicose one going forward.

    5. The Japanese net a D, an obviously unsatisfactory mark for this summit; the eventual rewrite of their constitution to enable sufficient re-arming of themselves bids fair on the distant horizon.

    6. And finally, host country Singapore chalks up an A for logistic efficiency and execution, reinforcing her reputation as a super MICE locus. (MICE=meeting/travel incentive/conference/exhibition)
    (For complete article go to link below…)