Security Officer who turned in lost pouch stuffed with over $30,000 faces criticism online


What would you do if you found a Louis Vuitton pouch, stuffed with more than S$30,000 in $1,000 denominations?

Nur Hamzah Rahmat, a Certis Cisco aviation security supervisor working at Changi Airport, found such a pouch abandoned on a trolley at Terminal 2 and chose to return it to the airport’s lost and found collection. The bag also contained a name card and a mobile phone.

The pouch was returned to its rightful owner in 3 days,

39-year-old Rahmat previously won a silver award for service of the year at the Annual Airport Celebration in 2014 for trying to resuscitate an elderly woman.

The story which broke on social media attracted a lot of praise for Rahmat but also drew cynicism from some critics who claimed that Rahmat had to turn the pouch in due to security cameras on site: