Security guard beats colleague to death for defecating beside security post at Tuas


A 35-year-old security guard was so incensed by his colleague defecating near the security post they were manning at Tuas South Boulevard that he rained six punches over his 49-year-old colleague over a span of two hours that ultimately led to the elder security officer’s death.

The assailant, Malaysian Joshua Thomas who had attacked his victim Jasvinder Singh, was convicted yesterday of causing grievous hurt to Singh, a fellow Malaysian, during the fatal attack that occurred almost exactly one year ago, between 16 and 17 Nov 2017.

The altercation began after the two guards had an evening meal and shared brandy together at their security post. Around 11pm, Thomas accused Singh of relieving himself beside the security post instead of defecating in the toilet.

Singh admitted to the offence after initially denying the charge, and apologised to Thomas.

Unappeased, Thomas punched Singh twice in the face until the Sikh victim’s turban came off. He also accused Singh of not repaying a loan Thomas had given him.

As Singh remained seated throughout the onslaught, refusing to retaliate, Thomas continued to punch Singh three more times before delivering a final, particularly forceful punch to Singh’s face around 1am the next morning.

Singh fell to the ground but tried to get back up. Thomas pushed him down again, relentless. A third security guard tried to break the two apart to no avail.

As a result of the punches, Singh suffered facial fractures and a fracture-dislocation of his cervical spine, which led to his death.

When Thomas could not revive Singh, Thomas oddly retrieved some money he had earlier given to Singh and checked into a Geylang hotel with a Thai sex worker.

Thomas was found guilty of causing grievous hurt to Singh in court yesterday. He will return to court to be sentenced on 4 Jan. If found guilty, he could be jailed for a maximum of 10 years, fined or caned.


  1. He only caused ‘grievous hurt’ to the victim? Not ‘grievous death’? Considering that he had attacked the victim over a period of 2 hours, it was not an impulsive act any more as he should have had the time to cool down and reconsider his action over the 2 hour period.

    • No such thing as grievious death la hahahahaha…. he is charge under culpable homicide not amounting to murder laaa or in street term manslaughter….because unintentional to kill…. and he never expect punches cam cause death as he punch the face….luckily he didnt use any dangerous object to hit the victim or else confirm murder charge

  2. Why not hang him, just ten years many times the law in Singapore siding certain ethnic. Decade ago deaf and dumb Indian man killed by an idiot using metal rod mistakenly thinking he stared him get similar punishment why double standard???

  3. I really wish that we check more throughly the background of the people who are suppose to keep us safe, especially for schools. Some stories these people tell are horrendous

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