Secondary school students kick, punch and throw chairs at classmate in shocking video


A shocking video of a few boys, who appear to be Secondary school students, bullying their classmate has been circulating online and has gone viral with over 100,000 views since it was uploaded on Facebook on 15 Feb.

In the video, the boy who is recording the incidents tells his classmates to quickly “teach” the victim a lesson. He tells them to hurry before their teacher returns.

Two of the bullies then start throwing chairs at the victim who is seated at a table, fiddling with his mobile phone. One of the bullies then approaches the victim and begins punching and kicking him, before flipping the boy’s chair, shoving him to the floor and continuing to pummel him.

The assailant finally stops when the one recording tells him that it is “enough”.

While some netizens believe that the students are from a school in Singapore and have tagged the Ministry of Education in their comments, it is still unclear whether the video was shot here or elsewhere.


      • Well your ANONYMOUS say it all. My name describes that I am all neutral. Discipline began at home. Don’t always blame the ministry/minister for something an idiot does. Are you trying to say that once you send your kids to school, the school should take responsibility? School is helping to educate the kids, the teachers are not your bloody baby sitters. I’ve read your post in many article. You like to make racist remarks, perhaps it’s you upbringing. Okay never mind not your fault. Is your parents going to give us an answer for this? Just as you expect the ministry to provide answers. Don’t be a @#& nothing good to say don’t say.

  1. The law must be amended to make mandatory caning for violent crimes in schools. Don’t have any mercy on these so called young offenders. They are equally capable of committing heinous crimes.

    The rotan is better than any RTC aka a resort chalet for them.

  2. Parents who have children in their teens, quick question, how many of you kenna punish during your P school days jialat jialat or seen your friends kenna jialat jialat? How many of you felt it was overdone? Finally how many of you did enough at home to replace what was overlydone in the past? Tough right? Cos most of us had to work and we are only left with a couple of hours with our children. Too little time to engage in discipline actually.

  3. This Westwood Student bashing the other student seating down should be Expelled from school and sent to home..St Joseph Home without delay.. Principal and Teacher of the Class should also be punished… I pity the boy being beaten up…… after reviewing the video via Stomp and so Surprised?

  4. It’s an criminal act of violences acted an individual. 2 on to 1. May consider as riot. Notta sure there’re penal codes for juvenile here in Singapore to be liable to sentence perpetrator(s)and their accomplice(s) for rioting and aimed at caused intentional hurt on to an individual or more.

    • This is a racially motivated bullying. The stupid principal should make a police report. The MOE should step in. The parents of the poor victim should pursue this matter through the courts and the bullies should be punished to the full extent of the law. What is this stupid principal running? Not a school obviously. More like a circus if you look at the video. The poor boy was just minding his own business and tried to keep away from the bullies turning the class into a mayhem cesspool. Where are the teachers? Another charge that the police should consider is the destruction of government property. We want an accounting of the events from the authorities as to why this can happen. Think of the ramifications.

  5. Nowadays, who want to be faulted for this kind of bad publicity. No school KPs like Year heads, discipline master, level heads or even school leaders wanted to be implicated for this kind of negative news. Hence most likely they will just call parents and advise here there to settle everything fast. Calling the police in and making to media headlines on gang/hooligan fighting will finish their careers fast with maybe some stepping down (reluctantly) from leadership positions to become normal teachers etc and the future career path is finished for them (No more advancement). I had seen too many of these implicated KPs due to such incidents esp bad publicity to school which can affects the latter reputation for years. This is the survival system that we lived in.

  6. Luckily Guns are forbidden if not the poor guy will be shot…….the bully feels like a big hero, he should be cane in front of the entire school the way prisoner are being cane. Make sure he couldn’t sit for a week than he learn to behave, remember the victim are human being and he felt pain being kick and punch.

  7. Whichever era or whatever race, bullying in schools must not be tolerated. Hooligan behaviour and group bullying are even worse, and must be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    What were the “disciplinary measures” taken? MOE and Westwood Secondary School must be transparent about this. Counselling alone will not suffice. Students must know that their violent behaviour carries serious consequences.

  8. Arrest them and put their faces in front news . Shame the action . Take strong hands sack that mAlay principal – run a Singapore MOE school in such a shameful manner doesn’t deserve the job . Throw into corrective order for 14 days detention .

    If I am the parent I will sue the students involved, the principal
    And MOE. This is shocking . It show the fabric and control of our society had weakened with lackadaisical attitudes showed at every level of Singapore community

    The ministers are are weakened chickens only know how bash opposition : when it comes to policies , almost like a link pussy weaken

    Students are counsel … chickenfeets approached . They should be canned publicly , sentenced to 14 days corrective order , noted the principal is a Malay ; the students doing the bashing are Malay … there is no policy statement by the MOE ministers …

    It shows from this incident – the policy makers are quite happy for citizen to take matters into their own hAnds

    Please identify those boys . Many singaporean would loved to know who they are ….

  9. We are asking MOE how to deal with the matter we cannot act until MOE tell us what to do

    We too waiting for the minister to tell us what to do : he is too busy with his work but we cannot act until he direct us

    We the government servants wait for ministers tell us what to do… the higher up hasn’t give us the directive … cos CNY all on leave .

    No choice lah … we just wait for ministers tell us what to do we cannot anyhow act … in meantime if they want to bash each other again – I suggest that boy in white to fight back and punch him back ..

    Even I principal … lan lan Laka I have no Power yu know . The power lies with the minister . He want to act he tells me la .. if not I just Sayang sayang … every day I just pray and prAy … as long as they pay me my salaries …

    Yu don’t know ha … Singapore has becomes a la-la-la society … the minister all dress handsome machiam like movie star talking like an superstar can do all good things for Singapore ; after finished talking … he talking another thing one after another … that is his job … Everyday talking some things … show he is intelligent la .. so Everyday we lan lan same lalakala … this country must wait for the power to come to the people … in meantime the citizen can go fight one another