SEA Games fiascos by Malaysia prove why sports and politics should not mix

The curtain is being drawn on the SEA Games in Malaysia. The host has undisputedly won the most gold medals. The first runner-up is left far behind in the medal standing.


Many people are however questioning the dominance of Malaysia in the Games. Some Malaysian athletes won gold medals despite rule violations.

In the 10,000 metre walkathon, Malaysian athlete Elena Gohling Yin is accused of violating the rules by having two feet floating above the ground at the same time. That escaped the referee’s attention. The athlete kept on until she won gold.

The Malaysian athlete Elena Gohling Yin No. 516 defeated Vietnamese competitor Phan Thi Bich Ha to win the gold medal

Malaysian athletes were also awarded equal points to win “double” gold. In the pommel horse competition, two Malaysian competitors, Tan Fu Jie and Jeremiah Loo,  were awarded 13,650 points equally. They both won gold medals.

There was also transport hiccups for visiting athletes. Thai female volleyball team, which is touted as the ‘best in Asia’ was given a transport coach, but without a driver. This in turn deprived them of some crucial practice sessions. But still, the Thai team went on to win gold.

Events were also rescheduled without prior notices. Final boxing matches were hit by last-minute rescheduling. The host moved matches up by 2 hours. For the Thai boxers this meant that their match was rescheduled to 1pm instead of 3pm. The Thai boxing manager complained that this was a psychological tactic, which gave the Thai camp less time to prepare.

The arena for the final soccer match between Thailand and Malaysia was also abruptly changed. The match was announced to be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. But the host claimed that the planned original venue was not ready and moved it to the Shah Alam Stadium. But still, the Malaysians lost.

The closing ceremony for the SEA Games was held on 30th August. Several netizens have suggested that the Government of Malaysia is planning to ride on the glory and goodwill generated by the medal tally in the Games to urge its citizens to vote for it in the coming General Elections.

The Malaysian General Elections must be called on or before 24 August 2018, but their Prime Minister Najib Razak sounded the war drums for it in July itself, leading many to speculate that it will be called next month.

The many obstacles placed in front of its guests at the recently concluded SEA Games, just to ensure a better advantage for the host, suggests that sports and politics should never mix.


  1. At least, the Malaysian government and authorities always “side” and protect his own citizens first rather than siding and scares of FT and imported citizens especially ang moh…… .

    To the Malaysians. They are super duper good government and authorities in that respect. ☺️. That earns the ultimate respect and love by its citizens. ☺️

  2. No worries. No need to go thru all that trouble. They can import foreigners to represent local to vote them and pay them a small sum of money. Quite similar to singapore tactics just that singapore follow the illegal procedure, legally by making them citizens.

    • Singapore population how many? Malaysia population how many? It’s a stupid philosophy that just because in 2015 Singapore was the host, you expect such a small country to be the overall winner against a much larger country like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

  3. Dear The Independent Singapore, hope everything is well.

    For whatever reason is, this article will make you lose your credibility.

    I believe (well it’s more to logical sense per se) the closing ceremony was held on 30/8 simply bcoz that’s the eve of our nation’s independence day. Every year we, Malaysians will host a celebration on the eve of Merdeka and since we were the host of SEA Games might as well combine it with the closing ceremony.

    Is this even an issue? Please. Where’s your credibility as journalists? You hail yourself as “independent” but this article shows otherwise. You’re trying to create disharmony among Malaysians and downgrading our athletes who showed awesome yet spectacular performances during the games.

    You equipped them with politics? That, i think the lowest among the lowest standard of journalism is.

    Reckon you guys studied journalism before but in the end, came up with this lousy story.

    Seriously, you have lost your credibility and ethics.


  4. why bother about our country when your GOVERNMENT are well corrupted who bullies their own citizen. How i wish AMOS YEE are still in SINGAPORE AND uploading amazing video about your stupid LKY and government

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