Featured News SDP's Dr Tambyah says "thank you" to Bukit Panjang voters

SDP’s Dr Tambyah says “thank you” to Bukit Panjang voters

Close to two weeks after the elections, he uploads a photo with a simple note on his official Facebook page




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Singapore — A fresh wave of disappointment over the election outcome in Bukit Panjang SMC has emerged as the opposition candidate in the ward, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chairman Paul Tambyah, thanked voters in a social media post this week.

Dr Tambyah, an internationally recognised infectious diseases expert, contested in the SMC for the first time in the recent elections.

The battle between Dr Tambyah and People’s Action Party (PAP) candidate Liang Eng Hwa was closely watched and some analysts predicted that the respected opposition leader could emerge victorious.

Mr Liang was instead narrowly returned to Parliament with 53.74 per cent of the vote to Dr Tambyah’s 46.26 per cent.

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Dr Tambyah was among the best performing opposition candidates who failed to win a ward and even achieved a slightly better result than his party leader, Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Dr Chee also fought a close battle with the PAP’s Murali Pillai in Bukit Batok SMC and received his personal best score in over two decades with 45.2 per cent of the vote.

In the hours following the result, Dr Tambyah said: “We can hold our heads up high for a strong campaign considering the circumstances… Unfortunately, a miracle did not happen but we are grateful for the experience. I’m sure we can do better the next time.”

Close to two weeks after the elections, Dr Tambyah uploaded a photo on his official Facebook page thanking voters.

Those commenting on the post registered their disappointment with the result but urged the respected politician to keep fighting the good fight.

Posted by Paul Tambyah on Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Paul Tambyah on track to become President of the International Society of Infectious Diseases

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