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SDP’s Chee Soon Juan on PM Lee: “In any private organisation, he would have been fired a long time ago”

Dr Chee said that the PAP had become bankrupt of ideas and that many young people lacked a sense of patriotism and felt disadvantaged economically




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In a video by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) , Dr Chee Soon Juan has asserted that the People’s Action Party (PAP) is “bankrupt of ideas when it comes to taking our country forward”.

He added, “I know that this is a very large claim to make, but I wouldn’t make it if I couldn’t back it up”.

Secretary-general of the SDP, Dr Chee, quoted PM Lee, who said in 2015 that Singapore’s three critical challenges in the next 50 years will be “in keeping the economy strong, raising total fertility rate and strengthening national identity”.

Economic Growth

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Economic growth is tied to productivity growth, Dr Chee explained. However, he added that even after heading Singapore’s Economic Review Committee (ERC) from 2003, forming several sub-committees and consulting more than 1,000 individuals, there are still no results. Because of this, Dr Chee said, “In any private organisation, he (PM Lee) would have been fired a long time ago”.

Dr Chee also cited PM Lee himself saying in June of 2017, “We are feeling the pains of restructuring, but not yet seeing the dividends of our hard work”.

“How are you supposed to increase productivity when our workers are overworked, are the most stressed globally and don’t look forward to going to work?” Dr Chee asked, citing statistics of the Singapore workforce.

Total Fertility Rate

Last year, Singapore’s Total Fertility Rate (TFT) hit the lowest of 1.14 births per woman of child bearing age, with the cost of living and a stressful lifestyle being two of the contributing factors for young couples not wanting to have children.

Dr Chee added that PM Lee’s raising of school fees and GST increase next year only exacerbate the situation.

National Identity

37 per cent of younger Singaporeans aged between 15 to 29 say that they do not feel patriotic towards the country, with more than half saying that they would migrate if given the chance.

Dr Chee blamed this statistic on the disadvantage that locals face against foreigners when it comes to looking for jobs, and school subsidies that foreigners get.

Emphaising once again, Dr Chee said, “The PAP is bankrupt of ideas”.

“What we need is an injection of new ideas – ideas that will expand our political gene pool”, the Secretary-general concluded. /TISG

The PAP is bankrupt of ideas

The PAP is bankrupt of ideas

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Wednesday, 14 August 2019

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