Featured News SDP introduces new faces into its CEC

SDP introduces new faces into its CEC

SDP treasurer Bryan Lim Boon Heng said in a Facebook post that although some of the faces may not be familiar, they have been working equally hard in the background




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Earlier this week, the Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Treasurer Bryan Lim Boon Heng took to social media sharing photos of its new Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The announcement follows closely behind Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) introduction of a new Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) as well as four more members into the CEC.

In his post on Monday (Jan 20), Mr Lim wrote: “Some of the faces may not be familiar to all of you but I can vouch that they work equally hard behind the limelights”. (sic)

Dr Chee Soon Juan still serves as Secretary-General, with Dr Paul Tambyah and Mr John Tan still serving as Party Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively.

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The other members are as follows:

Christopher Ang (Asst Secretary-General)
Matthew Chin Guan Tan (Head, Ground Operations)
Dr Wong Souk Yee (Asst Treasurer)
Dr Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 (Secretary-General)
Damanhuri Bin Abas (Head, Training & Development)
Jufri Salim (Organizing Secretary/International Liaison Officer)
Surayah Akbar (Head, Secretariat/Media Liaison)
Francis Yong (Head, Logistics)
Gerald Sng (Deputy Head, Ground Operations)
Khung Wai Yeen 江伟贤- SDP (Deputy Head, Training & Development)
Ashukumar Veerappan (Deputy Head, Logistics)

The Singapore Democratic Party was first out of the gate to announce that it intends to contest five constituencies at the next General Election – the same electoral divisions it contested in 2015.

The opposition party plans to field candidates for two Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) – Holland-Bukit Timah and Marsiling-Yew Tee – and the single-seat wards of Bukit Batok, Yuhua and Bukit Panjang, it said early last August.

The SDP could be taking a risk with its announcements with the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (ERBC) not having finished its review of electoral boundaries. -/TISG


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