SBS Transit claims bus driver in viral video has “neck pains” and did not doze off at the wheel


SBS Transit has responded to a viral video of a public bus driver who looks like he is dozing off by claiming that the driver had “neck pains” and was not falling asleep while driving.

SBS Transit claims that the bus driver in the video has neck pains that cause him to “bend more than normal” but added that this does not hamper his driving ability. It added that the bus captain is medically certified fit to drive.

In the viral video, the driver who appears to be middle-aged looks to be drifting in and out of sleep as he drives the bus, with his neck and head moving forward and backwards as though he is drowsy:

这样也可以 ?? 😲😲😲

Posted by Darius Chan on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Tammy Tan, senior vice president of SBS Transit’s vice president of corporate communications, told reporters: “While the video seems to suggest that our bus captain was dozing off at the wheel, our findings based on the CCTV footage from the bus reveals that this was not the case.”

Adding that the bus captain “kept to his lane, slowed down when approaching bus stops and also stopped safely behind other buses or vehicles,” throughout the journey, Tan also noted that the driver conducted a right turn safely, as well.

Tan said: “All these would not have been possible had he been dozing off at the wheel … We assure our commuters that dozing off while driving is not something we take lightly and will not hesitate to take action against any bus captain found doing so.”

Shocking video of SBS bus driver falling asleep at the wheel while driving goes viral


  1. If his neck pain he should be given mc and rest.. you forced him to carry on driving , don’t you think it is very dangerous on the road. Very sad

  2. For whatever reasons it may be, the angle of his head is technically wrong for him to be driving safely! Unless SBS wants to rewrite the empirical law of physics!

  3. neckpain until nodding still certified fit to drive? bluff who? he should be on MC unless SBS also adopt `chao keng’ culture imported from military where genuinely sick people are tekaned? If he is certified fit to drive then he must have eyes on top of his head like a frog to be able to see traffic on the road.

  4. Lame excuse!
    Stiff neck my shit! Take MC ooi. No wonder so much ACCIDENT is happening. We pedestrians not only have to trust your safety , he driving with payload passengers, shameless SBS Singapore!

  5. Now that SBS has cleared the air on the driver, will the cam person please show yourself and admit that you’re an idiot and dim-witted!

  6. His is the kind of attitude Singapore employers or Organization has. Long working hours. Not enough rest also must work. Irregardless if it pose a danger to people’s lives… same goes to SAF…. because they allowed it.

  7. Neck pain also must continue to drive this is dangerous to commuters in the bus. If one mistake all the life be gone forever. Bus captain so poor thing cannot rest even neck pain.

  8. What a Stupid Bull Shit it can say whatever lame excuse it wants. But look at the driver’s eyes direction. Shouldn’t he always keep his sight in front where the bus is going and not at the steering. KNNCB.

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