‘Say Eye Do’ at Singapore Eye Bank’s photo exhibition

One of the 20 photographs to be put on display during the 'Say Eye Do' exhibition at Nex and Tampines Mall this month. (Photo: Singapore Eye Bank)

By Phyllis Lee

This month, a special photo exhibition will be coming to Nex and Tampines Mall as part of the final phase of the Singapore Eye Bank’s (SEB) ‘Say Eye Do’ campaign.

With the theme of ‘Perspectives’, the exhibition will showcase 20 photographs that illustrate personal anecdotes of Singaporeans’ support for cornea donation. It also aims to share various aspects of day-to-day life that a person suffering from corneal diseases will find difficult, as compared to a normal-sighted person.

Members of the public can even bring home card-sized prints of the photographs.

Professor Donald Tan, Medical Director of Singapore Eye Bank. (Photo: Singapore Eye Bank)

Medical Director of SEB, Professor Donald Tan, said:

“It’s heartening to see so many different perspectives from all walks of life, as we often overlook how one may relate to another when overcoming personal challenges or courageously facing life’s hurdles. These are stories that we can all be inspired by and we hope to see more people stepping up and creating ripples of actions through this photography campaign.”

The ‘Say Eye Do’ campaign, which commenced in June, aims to garner pledges in support of cornea donations in SEB’s national remit to support the restoration of sight for Singaporeans suffering from corneal diseases.

Having achieved a record number of 236 corneal donations last year, SEB aims to heighten its initiative through to this year.

The exhibition will be held at Nex from Oct 5 to 15, and Tampines Mall from Oct 18 to 24. The full day pledging will take place on Oct 14 and 21 at Nex and Tampines Mall respectively.

The exhibition is open to the public.