Sad looking naked Ikea meatballs trends on social media

Twitter user Haaziq Zaahar’s picture, comparing Ikea Malaysia’s meatballs with the real thing is trending in social media with over 230 retweets.

Haaziq was sharing Malaysian food blogger Jules Yap’s picture, comparing the same dish as prepared in Sweden and Malaysia. He described the potatoes in the Ikea meatballs in Malaysia as being “sad” and “naked”.

Jules said that that she used to think that the Ikea meatballs in Malaysia were yummy until she tried the real stuff in Sweden.

“I used to think the IKEA Malaysia meatballs were well, nice. Then I went to Sweden. And Oh. My. Tummy. I mean, just take a look at the picture below and you won’t need to try very hard to spot the difference. The texture, the colors. And the taste, yes, it’s Swede tenderness and juicy goodness over in Köttbullar land.” – Jules Yap

Jules said that she almost never order the meatballs at her local Ikea.

A Google search shows that the Ikea meatballs sold in Singapore are not very different, appearance wise, from those sold in Malaysia.

source: opensnap

The potatoes which accompany the meatballs look just as sad and naked. But how’s the taste? Do share with us.