S-Pass FT does not understand the English term ‘pending’


On Friday (2 Jun), an FT posted a message on an Expat forum asking for help. The person said that his S-Pass was rejected. The company then appealed for him. When he checked the MOM’s website, his application status showed “pending”.

“I am not sure it’s a common change or not because there are lots of people say their status was still rejected unless change to approve,” he wrote. “I don’t understand the meaning of ‘pending’, so stressful.”

He clarified in the same conversation thread that he was confused that his status was not automatically changed from “rejected” to “approved” after his company appealed the rejection. He said others had told him that this change in status would be automatic.

It’s not known where the person graduated from, but in any case, MOM’s website stated that S-Pass applicants must have a minimum salary of $2,200 and “acceptable qualifications”.

It’s interesting to note that whatever qualification this person has, it does not enable him to understand the English word ‘pending’.

Source: FB


  1. There are hundreds maybe thousand here … try speaking even simple English to a S Pass holder or even work permit holder . Chances are you get a blank stare and maybe a set of teeth smiling at you …. why so desperate to bring them in till ability to communicate also waive . Have anyone wondered , how the SMRT or LTA contractors communicate with their foreign workers and whether the instructions given are extremely clear ? The above post is a good example to proof my point !

    May not be a related comment but is related to the state of affairs here in Sg !

  2. This is becoming more stupid by the day. I’ve seen China drivers go to carpark that says season parking only and he is wondering why the gantry never lift up. How did he convert his driving license to S’pore license at traffic police???

  3. If simple words cannot understood. How about those Road digital signage.?

    English is our 1st language. Now non English speaking society more than English literated.

    What would be the next language to use in order to educate these natives?

    Just my opinion

  4. This guy does not deserve even a work permit what more a S pass. No need to know ‘pending’ anymore, just know ‘ending’ for him. Also someone please translate ‘balek kampong’ to him too because that’s only thing he needs to do now.

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