Rumours continue spreading about deceased at NUS campus despite University’s clarification

It appears that rumours are continuing to spread over the circumstances of the passing of an individual at National University of Singapore (NUS), yesterday.

The Independent received a tip-off from a reader yesterday that a person had passed away on campus. The reader reported that the person who passed away may have been a student who allegedly fell to their death from the eighth floor of block E3.

NUS informed us that while a person did pass away on campus, the person was not a student. We were later informed that the incident did not occur at block E3 and that the person who passed was a research staff. An NUS spokesperson confirmed:

“The staff was found unconscious near a research building on Kent Ridge Campus. The Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force were immediately notified. Paramedics who arrived shortly after informed us that the staff had passed away.┬áThe Police are currently investigating the incident.”

Despite the school’s confirmation, it appears that students are circulating that the deceased is a depressed doctoral student who fell to his death due to academic pressure over a final year project.

Alleged screenshots of private chat conversations between students, shared by Chinese website, also shows speculation that the deceased was a Chinese national:

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