Rumor mill adds to guessing game on Malaysian elections

Najib in all Barisan Nasional blue dress indicating election year is fast approaching

Did the government leaders meet with the Malaysian Yang di-Pertuan Agong during the weekend?

The Agong is the monarch and head of state of Malaysia.

A ‘Breaking News’ tag on WhatsApp in Malaysia is saying the dissolution of the Parliament is set for 22nd February.

It says that elections are set for March 24, which is a Saturday.

The report also says the nomination day will be on March 13th, which is a Tuesday.

“Prime Minister Najib Razak, the deputy PM Zahid Hamidi and the Speaker of the Parliament had an audience with the Agong this morning,” said the message yesterday.

The election date is a prerogative of the Prime Minister, who however has to seek the approval of the Agong. It is a secret date that only the PM is aware of.

It is necessary for the PM to meet with the Agong after he decides on the elections date.

Since it is his prerogative, it is certainly not necessary for him to bring his deputy to the audience with the Agong, WFTV was told.

However, with the opening of the 2018 Parliamentary session set from March 5-April 5, the uncertainties about the elections date remain!