Roy Ngerng sacked. Tan Tock Seng explains. I understand, he says

Political blogger Roy Ngerng’s employment contract was terminated today by Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The 33-year-old patient coordinator told The Independent Singapore that he received a warning letter from his company three weeks ago.

“They said I should not do my personal stuff at work and I understand where they are coming from.

“The stress of the court case has made it difficult for me to concentrate on my job. And my advocacy on the CPF issue has also taken a toll on my ability to do my job well,” he said.

He added that he did not regret launching “some of his first campaigns at his workplace, and formed some closed relationships.”

But he admitted that he had underperformed at work in recent months. “My supervisors have been patient but they also have a responsibility to uphold and I respect that.”

Ngerng, who is currently entangled in a defamation lawsuit with the Prime Minister, was served the termination notice when he went to work this morning.

The hospital has compensated Ngerng for the leave days owing to him.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital said in a media statement today: “Mr Ngerng’s conduct was incompatible with the values and standards we expect of our employees.

“While our staff are free to pursue their personal interests outside work, they must conduct themselves properly, honourably and with integrity. In particular, they cannot defame someone else without basis, which essentially means knowingly stating a falsehood to the public,” it stated.