Rosmah under scrutiny: At long last, her turn has come!

Photo: Youtube screen-grab

The feeling that justice is being done has sparked shouts of joy from Malaysians.

From coffee shops to the local bazaar in Ampang, the buzz is about Rosmah Mansor’s date with the anti-corruption agency.

“Sudah mari lah masa untuk Rosmah,” said a passerby at a food stall who overheard a conversation about Rosmah.

Yes, the time has come for Rosmah (the translation from Malay) as the wife of the ex-premier Najib Razak is to present herself at the MACC’s headquarters on Tuesday.

Najib had his field days at the MACC two weeks ago, on Tuesday and Thursday. He came out of the MACC offices looking pretty stern and serious.

But he said he told the MACC officers everything that he had to say about the 1MDB and that was it, he had nothing more to say.

For the Malaysian population in general, this is not what they expected from Najib Razak, that his total ignorance of the accusations against him.

But the question being asked now is whether Rosmah will be able to hold sway against the grilling from the investigators?

Najib was grilled on the SRC International Sdn Bhd. The MACC, sources said, has sufficient evidence of wrongdoing in this affair.

Money from 1MDB was diverted to the SRC International and part of the money landed in Najib’s private banking account at a local bank.

The bank, AmBank Malaysia, has since then been penalised by the Central Bank, but Najib and the SRC directors were left off the hook.

Friday marked another day of liberation for the Malaysians with the end of the Goods and Services Tax or GST.

The Pakatan Harapan government is fast moving to make good of its electoral promises made for its first 100 days in power.

However, Mahathir had said that the very first mission of the PH government will be to ‘tangkap Najib’ and his associates in order to solve the long-running 1MDB scandal.

The grilling at the MACC is part of the plan to get to Najib and his wife. Once the anti-graft officers are satisfied with their investigations, they will push forward with their case.

Rosmah is to be questioned at 11am by the anti-graft body at its headquarters in Putrajaya to facilitate investigations into an issue regarding SRC International.

SRC is a company that was a unit of scandal-hit state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).