Business & Economy Room for growth in Malaysia's tech innovation says Tech Data

Room for growth in Malaysia’s tech innovation says Tech Data




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Mano Govindaraju, MD of Tech Data Malaysia said although Malaysia is adapting to technological advancements, the country still lacks in readiness to counter cyber-attacks.

The Independent asked Mr Govindaraju whether Malaysia was in the of the countries with sufficient preparedness to face-off against such attacks and reduce vulnerability.

He said the Malaysian authorities needed to create awareness at all level of the working and business classes, from the individual to corporations and enterprises, “people are still not aware of the vulnerability in the sector. The country needs the right technology to the right aspect of utilization to address these issues.”

Govindaraju said at the moment, Malaysia is not able to catch up with countries like China or the US in terms of technological innovation and development.

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“Not at the moment, however with the new budget announcement we can foresee that the technology innovation and development will definitely grow in Malaysia.

“But Malaysia is not far away, there are many local technology providers already venturing into technology innovation and development.

“These companies also started to serve some global customers as well. With the new Malaysia and budget announcement, we can see more growth in these sectors,” he said.

In a statement, Prime Minister Mahathir asked locals to buckle up in innovative technology

“Malaysia needs to leverage on science, technology and innovation (STI) to fuel economic advancement, societal progress and new sources of growth,” said Dr Mahathir, adding that the country had to raise its game to be competitive.

As one of the players in the market, Tech Data is supporting its business partner to assist the end users in address the gaps in innovative technology in Malaysia.

“As a distributor, we also trying to bring in the latest advance in IT technology to support the current and future business needs,” he said.

We asked Govindaraju what does Malaysia have to do to become a tech-giant. Does it have the talent, if not what is to be done to attract more talents or produce more talents here?

The Tech Data boss said the Malaysian government should give more support towards the development of local products and technologies and for sure talent development.

“Products need to be developed in Malaysia or Made in Malaysia even if it is by foreign companies,” he said.

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