Featured News Riverside Secondary School students praised after pupil piggybacks injured schoolmate

Riverside Secondary School students praised after pupil piggybacks injured schoolmate

Schoolboy's kindness photographed and shared online, lifting spirits everywhere.




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Several netizens online are praising students from Riverside Secondary School after one of its pupils was spotted outside the school carrying his schoolmate on his back. The student who was being carried held crutches and wore a cast across his leg.

The person who spotted this touching act of kindness revealed that he had written to the school to commend the boys. When sharing a photo of the boys on social media, Facebook user Mr Dream Big wrote:

“Just wrote an email to the Principal of Riverside Secondary School. I commented (sic) her school have (sic) wonderful students who looked (sic) out for each other. An Indian boy was carrying on his back his Malay classmate who was on crutches. I strongly requested of her to mention this incident during assembly.” (sic)

The netizen’s post is going viral, with nearly 1000 reactions and over 1,300 shares on social media so far. Read his post here:

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