Retiree hacked wife 189 times believing she was going to poison him


69-year-old retiree Kong Peng Yee was found guilty of killing his wife of 36-years in court last Friday. His wife was found in their home at Compassvale Crescent on 13 March last year with 189 knife wounds on her body that resulted in death by blood loss.

It is believed that Kong – a former aircraft technician – had killed his wife in a mentally impaired state, believing that she was going to poison him. Just a day before, Kong’s family had taken him to see a doctor who noted that Kong may be suffering from depression and paranoid delusions following an eye operation in the beginning of 2016.

The doctor also noted that Kong had expressed concern for his own safety and confided his suspicions that his family was trying to poison him and that he would die of illness. The day after his appointment with the doctor, he attacked his wife with a knife and a chopper.

Kong is presently awaiting sentencing.


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