Residents believe Telok Blangah multi-storey carpark is being used as a ‘hotel’ after finding condoms, used tissues


Residents of Telok Blangah Heights have reported seeing condoms and used tissues strewn about a new multi-storey carpark in front of Block 90 Telok Blangah Street 31 on multiple occasions, giving rise to concerns that the dimly-lit carpark is being used as a ‘hotel’ for some couples.

Photos of the mess that circulated on social media show condoms and pieces of used tissues discarded at a corner of the carpark. One netizen, presumably a resident of the area, commented: “This is the third time I’ve seen this. The tissues and condoms are always found at the same spot. I also found them here at around 6pm the first two times.”

Reporters from the Chinese daily visited the top level of the carpark, where the alleged sex acts are believed to have taken place, and found that the area was secluded with only a few vehicles occupying parking lots.

Residents from a nearby block who spoke to reporters regarding the incident felt that public sexual acts are degrading to the Singaporean culture. One resident, 32-year-old Mr Xu, said: “We very rarely look out of the window, so even if people were having sex at the carpark, we wouldn’t know. However, I feel such behaviour is totally inappropriate, and should never have happened.”

Another 65-year-old resident, Mr Ma, shared: “This is getting out of hand. They shouldn’t do this sort of thing in a public setting. This makes the residents uneasy.”

Noting that the area around the carpark would be dark since the lights of te HDB blocks nearby shut off around 10pm each evening, Mr Ma added: “I believe they usually do it late in the night when there are fewer people walking around, and it is quieter. The area is also very dark, and it’ll be harder to see them.”

These alleged occurrences come as the police conduct more raids of makeshift HDB brothels. Women who have been arrested on these raids reportedly advertised sexual services online.

Cases of couples being caught on camera having public sexual encounters also seems to be on the rise recently, with many such couples seeming to prefer the rooftops of multi-storey carparks for their activities.