Remembering the Tiger!

Served as a Magistrate, District Judge, Crown Counsel, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Registrar of the Supreme Court and Singapore's first Criminal District Judge.


Never in Singapore’s history has a politician fought selflessly for Democracy and Freedom of Press to benefit ordinary Singaporeans, as we overly convinced (brainwashed) with PAP’s rule back then.

Today, as the dust settles down after PAP’s mother-of-all-plot to bar Dr Tan CB, who was a popular unifying force for all Singaporeans, PAP had butt-headed shamelessly to install a puppet President, denying our democratic right to vote and going against its people’s wish.

Singaporeans will never forget the TV debate on Elected President, when our Tiger mauled Goh Chok Tong and PM Lee, tearing both to pieces, for their incompetency and unpreparedness to justify an EP. Watch this video to see the Tiger in action.

This is what JBJ was fighting against PAP’s tyranny all these years, knowing too well, that future Singaporeans will face an arrogant PAP, who would categorically strip its citizens of all democratic rights. Truly, we have now joined the ranks of North Korea, with Halimah’s selection.

As grateful Singaporeans, we should at least recognize and remember JBJ on his death anniversary, for his selfless battle for a better Singapore. He realized how democratic rights were being eroded and poisoned by power hungry and dishonorable politicians wearing white outfits, which symbolizes part of our National Flag.

While JBJ was shackled at every opportunity and stripped of his Anson MP seat, he was never defeated in his belief for a truly democratic Singapore.

As LKY faded away, the next generation of incompetent and arrogant million dollar Ministers and Scholars emerged, racially dividing our multiracial country, by enacting new laws, to appoint a “Malay” President who is actually is an unqualified Indian by birth.

As frustrated Singaporeans (including the dumb 70%), eagerly wait for the next GE, to exercise their grossly-limited rights, as PAP continues to tighten the loop of the democratic process, which JBJ fought till his last breath.

JBJ struggled to deliver justice for the poor, the discriminated and the working class. JBJ well remembered for his fight against the PAP machinery on high ministerial salaries, role of judiciary, fair trial, police methods of investigations, defamation laws, freedom of press and workers’ rights. For this sacrifice, he never got a million dollar salary.

Let’s all spare a minute of silence in our hearts and mind for this selfless man, as we come to terms with our plight as Oppressed Citizens.

May the Tiger rest in peace in eternity!

Roger Kok


  1. JBJ you are only out of sight but not out of mind. I am sure many would like to lionise you for what you had done besides the earful of fiery speeches here and there. That was your legacy for others to chew as another delicacy of the day. Let’s hope the day will shine when another tough character will emerge on the scene like you

  2. Have met JB Jayaratnam personally in JB,he liked banana leaf rice at an Indian restaurant at jln Abdul that time his younger sister mrs.joshua we used to address her at st.josephs school lived nearby over there and she died singleton.JB was a brilliant guy and his sons were even more brilliant..met them as well.Too bad FB not active in those days unlike now..otherwise fb live..anyway..keep on fighting for the best..those who emigrated..are taking the easy way out!!Stay on fight for yr rights with a cohesive voice and times will get better with perseverance #swtc

  3. What JBJ and Chiam is essentially saying, what if one day PAP perceive they will be losing the GE, prior to that, by 2/3 majority vote they would transfer more executive power to the so called EP, perhaps inferring even including rights to alter the constitution without people’s referendum, say for example candidates for GRC, 4 of the 5 needs to have served more than two terms as MPs or senior civil servants, and the minority race to have served more than one term as MPs or senior civil servants…

  4. Met JBJ when I was in my teens, just before he became our MP in Anson. My late father was a WP member and he visited our house. Never forget the contrast in the rally crowd then, between WP and PAP during that by-election campaign; every WP rally was crowded… and PAP rallies were relatively quiet.

  5. JBJ I salute you for your tenacity, your selflessness , your bravery n your sacrifices made for us Singaporeans. You r my hero n my role model. Rest in Peace my beloved hero, Unforgettable JBJ.

  6. Roger Kok painted this pussy a Tiger. Ghosh, I remembered this stupid cat wanted the then minister to name who Singapore’s enemies were. As a young man, I thought this was most unwise, naming your enemy is making one. Anyway, JBL got my attention and over the years as he battled PAP, he talked more nonsense. I know anti-PAP people like him because he whacked PAP for free, but the method was wrong. JBJ should learn from Malaysia opposition where they have hard facts (example: using 1MDB, SRC, Felda) to whack the government…alas it’s too late now, luckily his son is much more sensible!

  7. Actually, we are the very people who had let down a great man, JBJ who fought courageously and single-handedly for our democratic rights against a tyrannical establishment which we had foolishly supported. We are the ones who should feel indebted to JBJ for what he had done and was trying to do for Singapore !

  8. We need men like JBJ, TCB and many more to be surfaced to be in Parliament. They are a necessary political ingredient to keep at bay the abuse of power of one-party rule and the trampling of righteousness and truth. This is needful, especially, for post LKY era. Come next GE let’s vote for the likes of JBJ, TCB, CSJ, and like minded men who will stand to be elected for the good of the common people of SG.

  9. If he was around, I just know this wise man would not play the race card or religious card like the current trend. The current scare tactics and subtle shit stirring by the media have influenced the average Singaporean to be insensitive and racist and intolerant. He is the face of democracy in Singapore. Not that.. you know who. Phui!

    I am glad I have met him before and I even bought his book at that time. He looked so pitiful and many people walking past looked at him like he was some sort of a pariah. But I was proud to be seen with him.

  10. Roger Kok, JBJ is someone whom I [a Malaysian] respect and hold in high esteem. But did you realise that in your entire piece, you never did define just who “JBJ” is? And many, many folks, especially the younger ones and non-Singaporeans, may be mystified, and possibly lose out on the stellar examples set by JB Jeyaretnam?

  11. He was ahead of his time. The people was not ready for him then, but if another should rise up today like he did, it would be a different story. With social media, all parties have access to direct communication with the masses.

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