Redditor claiming to be SMRT station manager alleges that staff are complacent, lazy and sleep on the job


A reddit user claiming to be an SMRT station manager has put forth serious allegations of SMRT staff not performing their duties with diligence.

Besides claiming that the grounds staff are complacent, lazy and sleep on the job, the redditor indicated that the staff continue to not be conscientious because they know they can get away with it, since SMRT CEO Desmond Quek and Minister of Transport Khaw Boon Wan are the ones who take the blame in the event of service breakdowns.

The redditor’s allegations are not supported with any evidence and are only anecdotal. Further, the redditor’s claim that he is an SMRT staff remains unverified as he declined to reveal his identity, claiming that he fears he might suffer repercussions from making such a post.

The post, which was uploaded yesterday at 11am, was abruptly deleted by the user slightly over 24 hours later, this afternoon.

We re-publish a screenshot of the original post that is circulating online:


  1. Come on. Don’t blame the staff. If you a poor leader and doesn’t even how to manage your staff and how the organisation works. It all your fault. If not don’t be a CEO or a minister. If you fail that means you know but amount managing people and run an organisation

  2. Even if it’s the ground staff are not performing their duties, it’s the responsibility of the top to realise this and do something about it. Good management means good leadership and control of your staff. It’s without doubt that when someone is paid handsomely for a job, you are supposed to work harder and one of the biggest issue of bad leadership is getting the wrong persons doing the wrong jobs. That shows also that he has poor judgment. KBW and Desmond Kuek, let’s not push away from your responsibilities. There are way too many incompetence in our system.I do not know when are we going to see the tunnel of lights if we do not eradicate the problem of incompetence.

  3. Yes , it is very true and that why the top guys are paid top dollars ,so that they are on top of things ,but sad to said they are not ,if they are those grounds staffs wont have the chance to .

    Hear in Taiwan their MRT management are on the ball every week meeting with staffs from Top management and follow SOP from A to Z…

  4. Again this shows the management is not doing a good including station managers. Still dare to put up post to complain the ground level staff. Managers job is to ensure their subordinates are doing a good job. If not he/she dun fit to be managers.

  5. It is very sad to have staff saying such thing. Whatever it is, if the train systems go down, everyone will be held responsible whether he is the CEO or the very junior staff and everyone in the whole organization.

  6. KNN no wonder smrt is like shit. The rank and file ASSuming top management will bear the brunt and yet top management pushing all blame to them. In the end, Top and Btm all no blame and no responsibilities.

  7. I think this article is fake. I read it and I get the sense that someone smart and with very good English is purposely trying to write as if he has bad English. Some of the words used are what a person with a good command of English might use. Of course it is just my opinion but I have doubts on the authenticity of the article.

  8. Redditor claimed he is not going to reveal more info as “this is the only livehood he has….”
    Looking at the perspective of this mystery person , his/her actions clearly contradicts the statement alleged .
    So how much benefit did Khoo Boon Wan promised you for this essay ?
    “Oh oh , don’t blame Mr Khoo and Desmond Quek as they are the victims here …” doesn’t it even sound fishy this bits ?
    Ya right …. Singaporeans are fools ya ? 70% perhaps
    How much KBW earns are how much this mystery person aka station manger takes back home ? Seriously? ….. Do you think given under normal circumstances , anyone given that pathetic status will even care a considerable fxxk about KBW and his pathetic sidekicks ?
    I doubt he is even the toilet cleaner there ….. Station manager my foot !!!!

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